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The Mr.TheKid Catalog
Project Name Description Release Date
I hate everything so much rn (Single) A song made very late at night (which M.TK 28 March 2022
Intrusive Thought (EP) Silver October's Soot, NEON saw a fully realized Breakbeat project come to light as a full length LP. In that creative process, various demos and sound tests were created that were later reworked into the M.TK Intrusive Thought EP. Utilizing the noise of M.TK (self titled) with the reakbeat drums of Soot, NEON blended into an unmastered compilation of various reworks and reduxes. 8 March 2022
M.TK (EP) The confused chaos that Mr.TkeKid's "My Friend is a Clock" and "Scene:World" took advantage of artistic expression in the name of the sacrifice of coherency. M.TK's self titled EP rather grabs the creative direction by the horns and leads it into noise, while getting bach that needed consistency. Made with mic buzz, audio feedback, distorted synths, saturated drums, a field recording, and a light improv on bass guitar, here we watch the confusion become so embraced it becomes it's own path, one which Mr.TheKid walks through in grey pants, black boots, and a trash bagin hand. 30 January 2022
The Mr.TheKid 2021 Collection (Compilation) A look back at the Mr.TheKid Discography as of the end of 2021. Re-organized into a woven blanket of sounds and places. Covering over every simgle M.TK track made in the era, with cover art voted on by the TryMaker77.discord discord server.Cover art made in Ray Dream Studio 5.5. 27 December 2021
Scene:World (EP) An EP more rushed than the わたしのともだちわとけいで EP yet more realized than it, Scene:World also plays on post-electronic with a more foreward facing look to light breakcore. 23 December 2021
My Friend is a Clock / わたしのともだちわとけいで (EP) My Friend is a Clock is a tri-genre EP consisting of electronic, breakbeat, and hints of vaporwave. Underlyingly rushed, and quite unrealized, Mr.TheKid lays experiemntal groundwork with field recordings, odd samples, and harsh noise. 16 December 2021
Christmas Music (Single) A track that literally could not be farther from Christmas Music. Featuring old synth plugins from ableton, as well as a light-rave style texture, this track was the first to sport the "M.TK" abbreviaion branding on the cover. The cover also sported an early example of the color grading style that later tracks such as "Finally Sunglight" would also utilize. 29 November 2021
I'm stuck in an endless loop and I fear my past self will come to kill me (Single) Described as a "bit of an exhastion-fused manic outburst" by Silver October, ambient pads meet experimental midi drum techniques and odd audio bytes to form the second M.TK single. Sampling funk/rock vocals, old clips of audio from dusty harddrives, and pieces of dialouge from old movies. 26 November 2021
3TRK2DRM1SM Madness (Single) An experimental single released as the first M.TK endeavor, made with the limitations of only 2 drum tracks and 3 audio tracks within the ableton project file -- the result is quite a blend of everything. 17 November 2021
The Story of Mr.TheKid
Mr.TheKid (stylized commonly as M.TK) was born out of the need for fast creative outlet and odd experimentation in the Silver October creative sphere. However, after the track 5pm Rehearsals In Room 2109 released, there was slight discussion of if the experimental track belonged on the Silver October main soundcloud page. To adat, The Mr.TheKid page was created -- and with it, the madness.

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