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Pink Premium; Out Now!
The Official S3CO Discord Server is Officially Up!
Currently a little over 30 members in size, Join Here!

S3CO VR Client -- Now Available
The Web VR Client for the S3CO site has been in development for quite some time in secret over on the testpage, tucked away from most viewers. However, the in-progress version of the Web VR client is now open to view right here at the S3CO Web VR Page. Though it is unfinished, follow its development here!
What Is S3CO?
S3CO is an independent record label founded by and catered to the newer generations of music, home to many artists that experiment with primarily electronic-based genres. Founded early 2021 as a YouTube Channel, the early days of S3CO lied in album and track uploads from S3yst3m Malfunct10n. Later, O.T. would join the collective via features in Silver October tracks, and Rennie Aubrey would join through the Functional duo.
All The Music
(Artists/Groups Signed to S3CO)
Silver October Chicago Electronic artist, founder of S3CO
Mr.TheKid Silver October's more experimental music persona.
A joke band between Silver October and O.T..

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