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Some of the music here is by S3yst3m Malfunct10n, but this page also serves as an archive for older Silver October music, unreleased projects, and demos. The same goes for the S3yst3m Malfunct10n SoundCloud page.
The S3yst3m Malfunct10n Discog. List
Project Name Description Release Date
VS Macky -- The Beta OST (Compilation) Sound bytes, early tracks, tests, private releases, and demos from the beta version of the Vs. Macky Friday Night Funkin mod. All tracks made and composed by Silver October. From around the time after Silver October's A Constant State of Chicago released, this comp. takes heavy inspiration from instrumental hiphop. 24 November 2021
The S3CO Files, Vol.1 (Compilation / Album) This is a compilation of a lot of the unreleased music from and before the NORDIGAH era, including early demos from drafts of NORIDGAH that could have been found on the S3CO YouTube Channel at the time. 17 November 2021
Children Of The Clouds (Album) A light concept album made with the same loop style as the Bombs single, with each track representing the character it is named after (Minus tracks 1 and 5). 2 Febuary 2019
Bombs (Single) A sibgle produced with both garage band loops and sounds from the free novation loop library. The first apperance of Silver October (then releasing under the S3yst3m Malfunct10n name) with the exeption of features on a few of the 4boxs albums. 2 Febuary 2019
Info on S3yst3m Malfunct10n
Silver October's original alias was S3yst3m Malfunct10n. Under this name, the projects SUPIRIOR, Children Of The Clouds, MODERN DEMON!, and the debut project NORDIGAH were created. Halfway through the production of NORDIGAH, the name was changed to "Syst M", and right before release changed to "Silver October". It was under Silver October the project released, as well as NORDIGAH DELUXE.

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