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While platforms like SoundCLoud and YouTube are great, they do not support me in any way outside of building community. I make all music out of my bedroom (or my basement depending on what you're listening to), so any support you can give over on BandCamp means the world. (You'll also get deluxe albums, live sets, bonus content, and more...) All in all, check out my BandCamp if you want to support! Thanks much.
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Silver October's Music
Project Name Description Release Date
Pink Premium (Mix/Set) A love letter to rave, breakcore, house, and dance everywhere. 22 minutes of electronic madness with cover art commissioned from Sidiot™. 7th April 2022
15 (Single) A track in celebration of Silver October's birthday, with cover art of various photos of the arcade games from the party. 31st May 2022
DIPSHIT MIX Vol.2 (Mix/Set) A larger, more fleshed out mix of dance madness. The second installment in the Dipshit Mix series. 7th June 2022
HeadFirstFullyOnIt! (Single) A bouncy rave track with samples from the Splatoon 3 hero mode reveal trailer and latin pop inspired drums, HeadFirstFullyOnIt! is a preview off of the "Dipshit Mix Vol.2". 31st May 2022
Paper Crane / Paper Crane (DELUXE) (Album / Deluxe Edition) Paper Crane, and it's Deluxe edition, Paper Crane (Deluxe), is an electronic project with a spin. The project fronts the "Breakbeat" genre much like its predecessor, Soot, Neon, but puts a sharp left twist on the genre via the live electric bass playing throughout the entire album. The Deluxe boasts a proud 1:06:37 of pure electronic soundscapes and mixes, releasing on the Silver October BandCamp around 30 minutes after the base version released on the Silver October SoundCloud. The album would prove controvertial on music sharing sites due to its wide range of genres, yet was praised in underground communities for the same reason.
21st May 2022
DIPSHIT MIX Vol.1 (Mix/Set) A series of tracks containing everything from dance to breakcore packed into a bitesized mix for the whole family to enjoy. The first instalment in the Dipshit series. 7th April 2022
The Analog Echo Chamber (EP) A 7 minute long EP of mixes, acting as a virtual set for the Machine Girl Discord Open Mic Event. To quote the description, "A lot of these are throwaway M.TK songs mixed into longer, more fleshed out songs that I thought would go well with the set." Dark beats, abbrasive breakcore and light junglem(with some live bass guitar) all form the Analog Echo Chamber. 7th April 2022
Soot, NEON (Album) "Soot, NEON" is Silver October's 4th album -- It began production early November 2021, (a little after the release of SEIKI清木), and was finished early January 2022. The album began as a concept comedy album set in an absurd futuristic world, and went under the name "DeathToBoredom2021". The story followed a disease spreading around the world that caused people to be bored. The album took a more serious direction later and was renamed to Soot, NEON. Breakbeat, Jungle, and Drum 'n Bass have their strongest influences here. With cover art by Elian Charążka and help from artists like O.T, Snifo, and iboi, Soot, NEON comes together as Silver October's first true LP. 8 January 2022
THEROY100 (Single) An instrumental Hyperpop mix, stylized as YOREHT100 on the Youtube Release. 17 November 2021
5pm Rehersals In Room 2109 (Single) An experimental track mimiking the same feel of SEIKI清木. This track would prove controvertial as to wether or not it belonged on the Silver October SoundCloud page due to it's genre switch. To combat this, a separate account was created, and with it the Mr.TkeKid persona. 13 October 2021
FINALLY SUNLIGHT (Single) FINALLY SUNLIGHT pulls multiple samples from the depths of the internet, bringing them into one single track. A personal favorite with Silver October, and a fan favorite in the S3CO community, FINALLY SUNLIGHT would appear for multiple remixes. See "FINALLY SINLIGHT (KILL THESE KIDS Mix) in the Paper Crane Deluxe LP. 4 October 2021
SEIKI清木 (ARCHIVED, Album) SEIKI清木 is the third and final Silver October early short album, comprosed of ambient pads and erratic midi drums. Widely considered one of the most rushed SIlver October projects, it holds novelty in its shameless experimentation and electric freedom. "I'm taking my time with the next one" said Silver October, and it would be around 2 months before the next project was released. (see above) 16 October 2021
A Constant State of Chicago (ARCHIVED, Album) The second of the 3 short albums. A Constant State of Chicago (often abbreviated as ACSOC) is a venture into the drum 'n' bass genre using various sock sounds and midi instruments from the Ableton library. Standing as the first Silver October project made in Ableton 11, and the beginning of the Eternal Ambiance series. 7 March 2021
NORDIGAH / NORDIGAH DELUXE (Album / Deluxe Edition) Produced on Garage Band, NORDIGAH DELUXE was the first of the 3 short albums in Silver October's earliest work, with NORDIGAH DELUXE featuring extra trackas and demos from around the time of production; one of which being 鬼, which was an alernate mix of a track from the "Vs. Macky" Friday Night Funkin mod (scrapped). 7 April 2021
About Silver October
Silver October was born out of the messy touches of 2017's late electronic scene online. Silver October, (Then going by S3yst3m Malfunct10n), produced the NORDIGAH album on Garage Band. Before the release, the name was changed to Silver October after a few other iterations. It was around this same time that S3CO (Short for S3yst3m Collective) was founded, still in it's dormant infancy. These building blocks gave way to three short album releases, building up to the release of Soot, NEON, marking the end of the earliest stages of Silver October's music.
The next phases for Silver October were marked with the release of the LP Paper Crane, as well as Silver October's teaming up with Rennie Aubrey in the Functional duo.

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