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Welcome to the laziest changelog you will ever see.

2.098 - tagged out the functuonal page due to inactivity.

2.097 - a lot of stuff just trust me its so late and i need to go to bed

2.093 - fixed a spelling error on the main page.

2.092 - updated the site sticker

2.091 - gave the FUNCTIONAL page a makeover.

2.090 - fexed some spelling on the silver october best of page.

2.089 - re-arranged the silver october best of page

2.088 - added a best of silver october page.

2.087 - fixes a spelling error on the silver october page.

2.086 - fixed a minor error with re-direct links on the silver october page.

2.085 - added pink premium to the silver october.

2.084 - fixed an error on the silver october page.

2.083 - added the pink premium mix to the main page.

2.082 - i don't know how to describe this because it's really insignificant so just ignore this

2.081 - edited the thaks page.

2.080 - fixed a long-running bug on the M.TK page in which the tables would generate an extra cell without any text.

2.079 - added a new blog on the silver october blog page.

2.078 - added a disclaimer at the top of the S3yst3m Malfunct10n page.

2.077 - updated the S3yst3m Malfunct10n description.

2.075 and 2.076 - added a page detailing all the work done by O.T. under S3CO.

2.074 - updated the S3CO description.

2.072-2.073 - updated the silver october album descriptions and artist desc.

2.071 - edited the BHUTHSSATOYOHAMT:TB page.

2.070 - edited the thanks page.

2.069 - revised album desciptions on the s3yst3m malfunct10n page.

2.068 - changed a few of the artist bios on the mainpage.

2.067 - made the functional page public again.

2.066 - reworked the Functional page.

2.065 - added the new silver october single to the page.

2.064 - fixes a slight spelling error on the silver october page.

2.061-2.063 - Updated many things on the main page and Silver October page in light of the Paper Crane release.

2.060 - Fixed a link error where the thanks page would lead to the testpage rather than the index.

2.059 - Fixed a name error on the thanks page

2.058 - added the paper crane annoucement poster on the main page

2.057 - deleted the "corruptions, vol.1" series off of the main page

2.056 - changed the description of the "I hate everything so much rn" single on the Mr.TheKid page

2.055 - changed the copyright message at the bottom of every page

2.054 - Added a notice on the main page for the new S3CO discord server.

2.053 - removed the "Lets Chat" box on the main page

2.052 - Added a notice on the main page about the Paper Crane release

2.051 - added the new silver october ep to the roster.

2.050 - fixed one of the longest running bugs on the silver october page in which the soot neon link would send users to the theroy100 single.

2.049 -'s a secret

2.048 - added the new single into the same page.

2.047 - took out my things to add checklist, and added a thanks for 5000 views sticker.

2.046 - Changed a lot of the silver october page with the addition of the archives.

2.045 -'s a secret

2.044 - removed dinner party from S3CO due to the group not taking off, as well as inactivity.

2.043 - added some of the really old S3yst3m Malfunct10n music onto the respective page.

2.042 - added a litle checklist of tuff I need to do on the front page.

2.041 - i honestly forgot what I did last night.

2.040 -'s a secret

2.039 -'s a secret

2.038 - Webvr updates

2.037 - Made some HUGE changes to the webvr client.

2.036 - Minor changes with tree positioning on the webvr client.

2.035 - Added mire background + foreground objects to the vr client

2.034 - Added more background objects to the VR client.

2.033 -'s a secret

2.032 -'s a secret

2.031 -'s a secret

2.030 - Added the new M.TK ep to the list.

2.029 -'s a secret

2.028 - Ajusted the bench in the webvr client.

2.027 -'s a secret

2.026 - Changed the web VR client popup a little.

2.025 - made a little box on the main page for the webvr client.

2.024 - added some huge changes to the webvr client.

2.023 -'s a secret

2.022 - added a link to the silver october music page from the silver october blogs.

2.021 - added a new silver october blog.

2.020 -'s a secret

2.019 -'s a secret

2.018 -'s a secret

2.017 -'s a secret

2.016 -'s a secret

2.015 -'s a secret

2.014 - added the "Corruptions vol.1" collection to the main page.

2.013 - did some secret work on the testpage

2.012 - fixed one of the longest running site bugs and fixed the link hover color on the S3yst3m Malfunct10n music page.

2.011 - edited the functional page a little.

2.010 - changed the S3CO description

2.009 - changed the site main logo to just the 3, fixed some things in the bandcamp announcement.

2.008 - added promos for the new silver october / M.TK BandCamp page.

2.007 - added blog 6 to the silver october blogs.

2.006 - made a few changes in the silver october blogs.

2.005 - updated the A Constant State of Chicago album's description on the silver october page.

2.004 - changed the mrthekid logo on the mtk page.

2.003 - Added the new mrthekid self titled ep to the mtk page.

2.002 - Changed some formatting on the functional page.

2.001 - Added the Functional page.

2.000 - This marks a new era of the site. 2.000 saw the deletion of the S3CO page, the re-branding of the site down to the logos, the main logo, and the name of the site in the tabs. Also ran the site through another spell checker, moved the blogs to the Silver October page, remade the S3CO.ico file, and in general ushered in the S3CO branding more than ever. This marks a definite turning point in the site, We here at S3CO hope you all enjoy this new era!

1.066 - completley changes the look-feel of the silver october page.

1.067 - changes the SIlver October artist description to be a bit more modern / updated.

1.066 - fixed some spelling

1.065 - messed with the s3co page a lil

1.064 - added info and a description on the silver october page for soot, neon

1.063 - added an announcement regarding Soot, NEON and it's release on the front page

1.062 - ran through the S3yst3m Malfunction page with a spell check, fixed a few errors.

1.061 - added an announcement for the upcoming silver october album soot neon.

1.060 - added more logos ihgfdcfghjkjhgfdsxcfghjkijhgfdcvhjkkjhgvfcdfghjkjhgfdsdfghjkjhgfdskjhgfdfghkjhgfdsdfghjkjhgfdsxcvhjiuytgfdxcvbjiuytgfrdsawerthjkjhgfdxcvghjhvcxfghjhgfdcxcvbjhgcxcvbhvcxfghjhbvc

1.059 - added a logo to the mr.thekid page.

1.058 - expanded on the origin of dinner party artist bio.

1.057 - added a logo on the dinner party page

1.056 - New page added, see the Dinner Party artist page on the main page's artist section.

1.055 - A compilation of all the Mr.TheKid 2021 projects launched today, now out on the M.TK page.

1.054 - The new Mr.TheKid EP released today, "Scene:World". It's info as well as a link to it can now be found on the Mr.TheKid page.

1.053 - Changed the artist descriotion on the S3yst3m Malfunct10n page to first person

1.052 - went through the whole site and all it's pages with a spell checker. exept for this one and the blogs page.

1.051 - messed with the descriotion of the My Friend is a CLock EP on the Mr.TheKid page

1.050 - did a little thing on the artist pages so the title includes what kind of project it is.

1.049 - added japanese text capability to all the pages including this one! こんにちは!

1.048 - added the new Mr.TheKid EP to the MTK page, "My Friend is a Clock (わたしのともだちわとけいです)"!

1.047 - new log out! 5th one so far

1.046 - fixed a small issue where the link to the S3CO record label page would lead to the code of the page rather than the page itself

1.045 - added links to the scrolling buttons at the top of the site, making them clickable.

1.044 - publicly put out the s3co page, not on the main index to the site.

1.043 - final formatting tweaks made to the s3co page

1.042 - re-colored the tables on the s3co page

1.041 - somewhat finalized the new s3co page

1.040 - fixed an error on the S3yst3m Malfunct10n page

1.039 - made a true s3co page

1.038 - added a sticker

1.037 - changed the old s3co page to s3yct3m malfunct10n, updated links

1.036 - tweaked formatting

1.035 - tweaked formatting

1.034 - tweaked formatting

1.032 - fixed the formatting on the bhothsatyoyhat:tb page and added a link to this page on the main one.

1.031 - added this page! Welcome to the world little .html file.

1.030 - re-arranged all the orders of the songs on the music pages to New->Old rather than Old->New.

1.029 - updated the Mr.TheKid page to include a new song.

1.028 - updated the main page to have a little flare in the table formatting.